Soundtech are an established, successful company who specialise in professional audio, radio broadcasting and events technology services and solutions.

Founded in 1998 by veteran Radio New Zealander Barry Cook, Soundtech has focused on providing audio and technical services to a small yet discerning client base. Nearly two decades on, Soundtech has evolved into the audiovisual and broadcast supplier of choice to an impressive list of professional organisations across the greater Wellington region.

Our expertise ranges across radio and audio broadcast systems engineering, to events technology, consultancy and delivery. Our team have a diverse wealth of experience and skills that enable Soundtech to support our client’s requirements effectively, efficiently and hassle free.

Soundtech also has a long standing and trusted relationship to the government sector here in the capital. We work successfully alongside both parliament and a number of ministries and their departments and as such, we are well versed in the complex requirements and procedures of government. We facilitate business meetings, presentations and conferences, to awards dinners and official state functions with confidence and ease.

As one of New Zealand’s most successful audiovisual and broadcast specialists, we take pride in our technical capability, flexibility and reliability. With nearly twenty years in the industry backing us, we look forward to continuing to support our client’s successfully for many more years to come.

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