Ministerial Events Services

Easy & professional audiovisual support for ministries & the govt. sector.


AUDIO SYSTEMS: Ensuring you’re heard.

We have a wide range of professional PA systems that can provide suitable audio coverage for various events. We can offer small audio systems tailored for meetings and presentations, to medium sized systems for functions, speeches and public addresses.

We can also provide external audio systems for events held outside. Our audio systems are run by digital mixers, ensuring a reliable and controlled quality of sound. We also offer a great selection of microphones for all typical events requirements.

Many ministerial and .govt events often require an audio system to accommodate the press and media. We can supply media and press audio feed for up to 64 individual channels.

VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES: Accessing visual content with ease.

We can offer a number of different vision solutions, depending on the size of your event, with both high definition and standard definition options available.

Ranging from single screen to multiple screen projector setups, we can facilitate audiences of various sizes. We also have LED HD 70” monitors, which are ideal for meetings and presentations. In fact they’re ideal for just about any events of a small to medium size.

So why LED screens?

While projectors are still very much an industry work horse, there is a lot to be said for opting to use a large format monitor instead. Our 70” LED screens offer an unrivaled clarity, can cope with bright environments without sacrificing image details, require only a minimum footprint compared to a projection system and best of all, the don’t’ shine dazzlingly bright light into your presenter’s eyes.

EVENTS TECHNOLOGY: Behind the scenes technology that brings it all together.

The vast majority of events have a visual component to them. PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi, all require a computer with enough power behind it to run presentations without issue. We have a number of laptops that have been designed specifically with events and functions in mind. With dedicated graphics hardware, current software and stable operating systems, our events laptops ensure that your presentation is being driven by the ideal hardware.

“Can I use my own laptop?”

Of course, we have no objections to client’s using their own presentation computers and for governmental and ministerial clients who wish to use the own organisations network structure, we do advise the use of your own systems. There are a couple of things to bear in mind though, but we are happy to advise you of those.

“All I need is a lectern and projector; I don’t need any other equipment.”

Clients often request events tech and don’t always realise, that the equipment they know of is just the tip of a technology iceberg. There is often as much equipment unseen and in the background which is required to make an event run seamlessly, in fact, there is usually a whole host of gadgets, gizmos and blinking lights.

We make it easy and take care of all the additional background requirements for you. We remove any worries out of how it all works, so our clients can invest their time on the rest of their event and not on complex technical logistics.

RECORDING: Archive speeches with audio only recordings or capture your event in full HD or 4K video.

We have a number of options available to clients who wish to have their event recorded. Our recording services range from audio only records, which are ideal for clients who just want a basic record of speeches from their event, alternatively we can document your event in full HD/4K digital video. With our dedicated post production services, our turnaround times are kept to a minimum, with all recordings produced in current standard digital formats and supplied to you on digital media. If you’re organising an event and would like to know how Soundtech can assist you, or would like to discuss what we can offer, feel free to contact us via email or give us a call.

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