Our Services

Here’s what Soundtech can offer you.

Soundtech offers a wide range of audiovisual and broadcast support services and solutions but if you would like more details on what we offer, please select one of the following categories.

Soundtech are the preferred in-house audiovisual providers for the Parliament of New Zealand. If you have a function, conference or event being hosted at parliament, click here to see how we can support you.

Through our successful relationship with the New Zealand Parliament and The Department of Internal Affairs, we have a number of audiovisual services that we can offer to the ministerial sector. Click here to find the events solution for you.

Our company origins are in theprofessional audio broadcasting industry. We maintain and support a number of local and regional radio broadcasters. Click here if you require our broadcast audio technical services.

We can provide, install and legally certify a range of assistive listening systems, that enable guests with hearing impairments to access your events. Click here to seewhat we can offer you.

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