Parliamentry Events

Is your event being held at parliament?


We’re more than just that, we have a proven and successful record as the in-house providers for meeting the needs of our clients and for effective solution delivery.

Our services support a wide variety of events and functions which have been granted permission to be hosted in parliament. Such events range from simple meetings and presentations, all the way up to multi-day conferences, awards dinners, state functions and national ceremonies.


“So what makes Soundtech different?”

We can make the difference to your functions and events at parliament in a number of ways, which other audiovisual providers can not. We have unsurpassed knowledge of the parliamentary venues, unrivaled understanding of parliamentary procedure and great working relationships with all events related departments in the complex. Plus being based onsite helps us to eliminate costly logistics charges. In short, we’re adaptable and understanding, we know the technology, the venues and the protocols and importantly, we’re cost effective and affordable.


“We work with all levels of events organisers, be they professional PCOs, governmental and ministerial EA’s and PA’s or complete first timers and events newbies.”

Our pre-event consultations give us the opportunity to listen to our client’s technical requirements and to tailor solutions that suit you the best. We can provide a simple, jargon-free translation for what you’ll need, or provide a full comprehensive package for those who know what they want. Either way, we’re here to support you and your event.


“As the contracted in house providers, we can offer uncomplicated, effective solutions for our venues. We can offer access to dedicated facilities and help to clarify detailed parliamentary procedures.”

We offer straight forward and appropriate audiovisual services for the venues in which we work, allowing our clients to make the most of their events here, without the need for Hollywoodesque budgets. We have great working knowledge and experience of the venues in parliament and can provide access to a range of dedicated audiovisual equipment that’s already installed and ready to go in each of the venue spaces.


“We can keep events technology cost to an unequaled minimum, allowing your functions budget to stretch much further.”

We can minimise the cost to you for audiovisual equipment and services thermore, for all functions of government business and approved events which have permission to be hosted at parliament and have the sponsorship of a currently serving member of parliament, our rates for all reasonable technical requirements* are covered by Parliamentary Services.

No external audiovisual provider can offer you this.

If you have an event being hosted in parliament and would like to know how Soundtech can assist you, or would like to discuss what we can offer, feel free to contact us via email or give us a call.

* Excludes all additionalSoundtech ltd. incurred costings for sub-hired equipment or services or crew and is not applicable to private events that do not have approved sponsorship from a currently serving member of parliament.

Click here to be redirected to the official website for the New Zealand Parliament. From here you can explore Parliament’s venues, history and facilities as well as accessing general contact details.

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